is what you need.
I just love TV.

Bones, Castle, The Chicago Code, Chuck, Common Law, Covert Affairs, Fairly Legal, Flashpoint, Fringe, Graceland, In Plain Sight, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Nikita, Orphan Black, Psych, R&I, Royal Pains, Suits, Supernatural, White Collar. Currently rewatching Cover Affairs.

I go down with my ships. Until the pressure makes me implode.

CAUTION: This blog is not, in any way, shape, or form, a spoiler free zone. Quite the opposite. You're currently surrounded by yellow tape that reads, "Caution: Spoilers" because we've got 'em 'round here.

Proud owner of one 8 year old Holstiener/Oldenburg 17.1HH gelding. Noble Caliber, Calvin, The Calvinator.

Early College High School student.

Me llamo Carlton Lassiter. Me gusta queso.
- Carlton Lassiter, Psych
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